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Numbers for the Titahi Bay SLSC Nippers program are capped. This is based on the fact that all coaches and lifeguard helpers are volunteers and as such we can't guarantee they will all be there every week. We only have a limited amount of gear and resources - we have to work within these constraints. 

Re-registration for our existing members has now closed - all existing members were contacted via email and Facebook offering the opportunity to join up again for the 2022/2023 season. 

Nipper ages are 7 - 13 years. Your child is eligible to register if their birthday falls within these age groups (as of 30th September). We may ask for a birth certificate or passport as proof of age.

Important note: Policy requires at least parent to sign up as an associate member (or both if they intend on using club facilities, i.e. gear or the bar). This is part of our licensing agreement.

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