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Nipper Rules

  • Parent/Guardian Supervision at all Nipper Sessions. NO DROP-OFFS

  • Safety Register. Nippers MUST sign in and sign out.

  • Rashtops Compulsory. NO TOP... NO GEAR 

  • A nipper cap must be worn during training sessions.

  • No wet gear in upstairs clubrooms

200m BADGE

This is required to compete in water events at surf carnivals for ages 9-13. Every child over the age of 8 will be able to trial. This is strongly recommended. In the interests of safety, every nipper aged 9 and up must sit or re-sit their badge. To attain the badge an individual must swim 200m, this should be completed in under 7 minutes in the pool. They must be able to do a float for 1 minute and retrieve a brick from the bottom of the pool.

Only nippers who have attained their 200m badge will able to use the larger hard boards at training and Carnivals.

We have an instructor who will award 200m badges after trials to be run at Te Rauparaha Arena during the first and second weeks of the October school holidays. Times and dates will be available at registration.